FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I make a referral?

A: We’ll need the following information in order to initiate the referral process. Please fax the information to (520) 795-2332.

  • Doctor’s orders
  • Patient Insurance
  • Patient demographics, history/physical, or doctor’s notes
  • PICC placement confirmation or type of IV access


Q: Who performs my infusion?

A: You do! RN's come to your home or to the hospital to teach you everything you need to know about your infusion and treatment plan and works with you until you are comfortable and capable to do your infusion independently or with the help of a caregiver.


Q: What is a CADD pump?

A: A device that can be programmed to automatically administer your infusion therapy at the prescribed rate.


Q: What is a med ball?

A: A portable infusion device that uses positive pressure to automatically infuses certain medications at the prescribed rate. You may see these instead of an IV bag and pole.


Q: What about hospice patients?



Q: My line won't flush! What can I do?

A: 1) Make sure the line is unclamped.

2) Make sure the end cap is twisted on tightly

3) Don't be afraid to give some pressure behind the flush

4) Change the position of your arm/body

5) Call our office. We may have to send an RN to assess the line.

6) We can obtain an order from your physician for a medication to clear the line of any blockage.


Q: I have blood inside my dressing. Is that okay?

A: A small amount of blood in the dressing is typical after a newly placed PICC. If the blood is larger than the size of a quarter, extremely red or painful to the touch, call the office and we can send a nurse to assess the site and/or change the dressing.


Q: There is blood visible in my PICC lines. What do I do?

A: Unclamp your line. Flush your line with one of the saline syringes provided. Then, make sure your line is clamped.